Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Golden Gate Fields - Apr. 26, '11

Walking Distance: 3.6 mi. (estim.)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 35 min. (2:01 - 3:37 p.m.)
Start and End Point: University Ave. and I-80 Frontage Rd., Berkeley, CA

Today's walk covered the section of trail (red line extending north from University Ave., and part of what was shown as a dotted line (future or undeveloped trail) on the Bay Trail map. Thank you to Rhoda who joined me this afternoon.

From the Berkeley Marina area (University Ave. near I-80 freeway), we walked north along the paved bike path toward Golden Gate Fields (horse racing venue/track). There was just enough room to step just outside the path to let bikes pass; however, on a crowded weekend day, I imagine this might be a little less fun to do. In my dreams, this bikepath would have been just a bit wider to better accommodate pedestrians as well as cyclists, but then more wildlife habitat would have been paved over. Trade-offs and small quibbles.

It was another good day to scan for little fuzzballs (baby birds) in the grass in the Eastshore Park area. Some goslings (baby Canada geese) were spotted with a parent.

It turns out that even though there is a dotted line running behind Golden Gate Fields, there is still a way to (I think legally) negotiate through to the beach (adjacent to the Albany Bulb peninsula) on the north side of Golden Gate Fields.

Sea gulls are funny birds. We were almost hit by a falling mussel -- dropped by a sea gull flying above; it was trying to dislodge a little meal from the shell by dropping it and cracking it open on hard pavement. Or at least that explanation made more sense than it was trying to hit us for laughs.

Wildlife Sightings:
5 Canada geese (2 adults, 3 goslings); 4 little brown jobs (LBJs); 1 lizard + 1 BIur in Bushes (BIB); 11 sea gulls; 8 pigeons; 12 ducks; 2 snails; 1 crow

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