Sunday, October 9, 2011

Alameda Creek - Oct. 9, '11

Walking Distance: 2 miles (estimate)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 35 min. (3:45 - 5:20 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Isherwood Staging Area, Parking Lot; Fremont, CA

This pleasant fall afternoon I continued my walk along the southern side of Alameda Creek Regional Trail. After following this connector trail (shown in purple lines on the Bay Trail map) into the hills of the Niles district of Fremont, I am now headed west, back toward San Francisco Bay.

Today I had the pleasure of taking this short walk from the Isherwood Staging Area parking lot to east of the Sequoia Bridge with my parents. Thanks mom and dad. We crossed over the Isherwood overpass/bridge to the south side of the Alameda Creek trail and walked east to the Sequoia Bridge, then stood on this bridge to gaze down into the Creek to see if we could spot any fish in the water below. I was able to pick out three large (what I believe were) carp.

From the Sequoia Bridge we walked further east, eventually turning around and walking back (west) to the Isherwood Staging Area/parking lot. On the way we spotted a few riders on horseback on the north side of the trail -- which is an easily navigable, broad, packed dirt trail. The south side of the Creek trail was paved (asphalt).

Acorns were on the ground ready to be harvested or buried by squirrels; and v-shaped squadrons of Canada geese were flying low overhead. Afternoon shadows fell more heavily and quickly than last month, but a few lizards lingered on the rocks lining the Creek banks, soaking up the last rays of sunshine. It felt like fall.

2 great egrets, 3 snowy egrets; 4 lizards; 6 sea gulls; 20 ducks; 3 little brown jobs (LBJs); 24 Canada geese; 4 pigeons; 1 tree squirrel; 42 crows; 1 mockingbird; 2 white butterflies, 2 orange and brown/black butterflies; 2 turkey vultures; 1 hawk; 1 dragonfly; 3 big fish (carp?); 1 crab?