Bay Trail Alphabet

Bay Trail Alphabet
Walking the Bay Trail, I started noticing little numbers, letters, hand-scrawled signs, all sorts of written communications along the way, in addition to a variety of lost or discarded objects.

I'm not the first one to capture a series of letters and numbers on film or memory card, and I'm sure I won't be the last. I think we gravitate toward signs and symbols, maps, and other guideposts in life. Sometimes what we see makes sense, other times not.

I couldn't help but think that one day, these markings and objects might be excavated by some team in the distant future; and perhaps they will ponder over the meanings of such items.

I may put together a Bay Trail Alphabet Book, based on objects found on the Trail. I initially thought there might be two different alphabets -- one for more hard-bitten, urban "developed" areas, and one for more rural areas. So, in the interest of balance, I worked on both, and both lists are shown below.

Urban Bay Trail Alphabet
(based on objects spotted)

A - Apple Core
B - Broken glass, Bottle cap, Bolt, Bead
C - Cardboard box, Couch, Chair, CD, Cigarette butts
D - Drink cup, Dog waste
E - Electrical cord, Envelope
F - French fries
G - Glove, Graffiti
H - Hubcap
I - Indian statue, Ice chest
J - Jewelry (broken bracelet); juice box
K - Key
L - Latex glove
M - Map
N - Nail, Nut
O - Onion ring
P - Pencil, Pen, Penny
Q - Q-Tip
R - Rubber glove
S - Screw, Screwdriver, Syringe, Shoe, Sock, Spray paint, Shotgun shell, Sticker
T - Toothbrush, Tire, Transformer
U - Umbrella
V - Vanity mirror
W - Wrench, Wingnut, Wrapper
X - "X" (roman numeral 10)
Y - Yellow (do not enter/crime scene) tape
Z - Zebra head sign

Rural Bay Trail Alphabet
(based on objects spotted)

A - Acorn
B - Bay leaf, Beer bottle, Banana peel, Barbed wire, Bicycle parts, Bead
C - Couch, Chair, CD, Caribiner, Cow, Cigarette butts, Corn
D - Deer, Dog waste (poop)
E - Electrical cord
F - Fence post, Frog, Fox
G - Gardening Gloves, Glass, Gu packet, Goat, Graffiti
H - Hubcap, Hammer, Hearing Aide (broken)
I - Ice chest
J - Jam lid
K - Key
L - Lizard
M - Mouse
N - Nut shells, NRA sticker
O - Owl, Onion, Orchid (artificial)
P - Pool chalk
Q - Quail
R - Rubber spider
S - Snake, Sunglasses, Skunk, Scissors (old)
T - Tire, Turkey, Transformer, Tractor, Turkey vulture, Television
U - Undershirt
V - Volvo logo (from a car)
W - Wrench, Wingnut, Washer
X - 
Y - Yellow (crime scene) tape
Z -

Conclusions So Far: 
  • There aren't that many differences between these two lists. 
  • I've not found any rural areas without letters, numbers, signs, and objects left behind by people
  • While there are signs about disappearing species of mice and birds; other man-made items, such as broken beer bottles, are still thriving in the Bay Area.
  • Small signs, hand-written notes, and stencil art are little communications I see when walking that I would miss in a car.