Sunday, June 5, 2011

Arrowhead Marsh - May 30, '11

Walking Distance(s):
1.) 2.1 miles (estimate)
2.) 2.6 miles (estimate)

Walking Time(s):
1.) 1 hr., 54 min. (12:58 - 2:52 p.m.)
2.) 1 hr., 26 min. (3:03 - 4:29 p.m.)

Start and End Point:
Public parking lot (3rd one/end of park road -- off Swan Way, Oakland, CA)

Today I combined two walks in the Martin Luther King Regional Shoreline/Arrowhead Marsh area: a walk around the Airport Channel waterway and Doolittle Drive, and the San Leandro Creek loop to Garretson Point.

To park the car closest several trails, I drove down the (East Bay Regional Park District) road (along the solid red line extending north from Swan Way, off Doolittle Drive, on Bay Trail map). I drove to the end of this road and parked in the last (third of three) public parking lots.

First, I walked the paved (asphalt) trail (solid red line on Bay Trail map) to the intersection of Swan Way and Doolittle Drive, then turned right, walking north on Doolittle (road shoulder -- double yellow lines on map) to Langley St.

Along the way I spotted lots of ground squirrels, dogs walking with their owners, bicyclists, kayakers, and an interesting, large cement "rock" that looked like a watermelon slice along the shoreline. Someone had added their own creative touch here. I also saw several family groups of Canada geese, some with goslings.

After turning around, I walked back (south) on Doolittle Dr., as far as Hegenberger Road. I crossed the street and walked a short distance down Airport Access (looking for Airport solid red line trail); but realized the trail along the Metropolitan Golf Links course on Airport must be further south. I walked back on Doolittle (double red lines), and the same paved trail (solid red line) to the car.

After a short break, I embarked on part two of this walk -- heading east and crossing over a small bridge - and headed SE on a paved (asphalt) (red line on map) trail along San Leandro Creek. I turned around when I reached Hegenberger Road, on followed the other side of creek trail on way back. I then crossed a second bridge, and headed north along (paved) trail as far as Garretson Point park area, before heading back.

Note: I don't have pictures of the latter part of this walk today, as my camera battery pooped out.

Wildlife Sightings:
(Tallies below are combined from both walks above)
53 ground squirrels; 2 turkey vultures; 11 bumblebees; 4 snowy egrets; 5 swallows; 33 little brown jobs (LBJs); 4 unidentified flying bugs (UFBs); 18 ducks; 12 Canada geese; 3 cormorants; 13 sea gulls; 2 Western/Clarks grebes; 1 mattress; 9 crows; 1 great blue heron; 1 rusty screw; 4 brown snails + 1 white one; 3 pigeons; 3 terns; 2 butterflies (1 white butterfly + 1 smaller light beige moth or butterfly); 1 small brown grasshopper/cricket; 1 blackbird; 1 finch; 1 hawk (being attacked by crow); 2 mockingbirds; 2 hummingbirds; 2 balls; 1 lizard; 1 black feral cat.

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