Sunday, June 12, 2011

Alameda, Buena Vista #2 - June 11, '11

Walking Distance: 4.3 miles
Walking Time: 2 hrs., 25 min. (5:30 - 7:55 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Buena Vista Ave., near intersection with Versailles, Alameda, CA

This evening I walked the remainder of Buena Vista Avenue in Alameda, from Grand Street to Versailles (near where I'd parked), and the rest of Fernside Blvd. (from Tilden Way to High Street).

I also had the opportunity to walk a small loop which involved crossing two bridges -- the High Street bridge from Alameda to Oakland, and the Fruitvale/Pearl Street Bridge from Oakland back to Alameda (both shown as short, solid red lines on the Bay Trail map).

Both these bridges were fun, short ones, and I find crossing bridges inherently interesting.  There was a partial waterside trail on the Oakland side of the bridge that I followed before it ended in a fenced area. I then made my way to Alameda Ave. to walk up to the Fruitvale Ave./Pearl Street bridge, past the Fruitvale Bridge Park. (Note: The fishing pier area (black fish) on the Bay Trail map looked like it was closed, and/or in need of repair.)

After crossing back into Alameda, I made the hike, northwest up Buena Vista Ave. (double yellow lines on Bay Trail map) to Grand Street and back to the car, passing the Marketplace on the corner of Park and Buena Vista. The Marketplace contained several small restaurants and shops (Sushi King, East End Pizza, Ching Hua Chinese Cuisine, and Culina), and included Alameda Natural Grocery Store, the Beanery Coffee Company, and Farmstead Cheese and Wine. The remainder of Buena Vista was through residential neighborhoods. I enjoyed passing by the many older, wood Victorian style houses this evening.

Wildlife Sightings:
35 sea gulls; 38 little brown jobs (LBJs); 2 cormorants; 7 crows; 1 brown snail on sidewalk; 3 starlings; 3 doves; 8 balls (3 old basketballs + 5 baseballs/softballs); 2 domestic cats on sidewalk.

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