Thursday, May 26, 2011

Oakland, Embarcadero - May 13, '11

Walking Distance: 1.2 miles
Walking Time: 43 minutes (1:22 - 2:05 p.m.)
Start and End Point: 1211 Embarcadero, Estuary Cove; Oakland, CA

Another quick, short segment this afternoon. Would love to have walked a bit longer, but need to get home for a meeting later today. Life does get in the way of walking the bay. It's important to actually schedule or block out time for crazy adventures in one's schedule.

I continued to walk southeast along the Embarcadero in Oakland this afternoon. I walked the trail along the water's edge until it ended at 1363 Embarcadero; and then I walked along Embarcadero, past a small beach and the San Antonio Fishing Pier, as far as Harbor Masters office (Embarcadero Cove Marina, Central Basin), just south of a Motel 6. After that, I turned around and walked back, northwest on Embarcadero. After getting back to my car, I enjoyed a nice cold coffee drink at Starbucks at 1211 Embarcadero; the patio in the back faces the water, and has a view of Coast Guard Island.

Wildlife Sightings:
6 sea gulls; 3 cormorants; 2 balls (nerf football, party deflated soccer? ball); 1 mattress; 2 Western grebes; 2 terns; 1 little brown job (LBJ); 1 bumblebee; 9 pigeons

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