Thursday, May 26, 2011

Jack London Square - May 13, '11

Walking Distance: 1.3 miles
Walking Time: 37 min. (12:37 p.m. - 1:14 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Jack London Aquatic Center, off Embarcadero, Oakland, CA

I doubled back today to make sure that I covered this short segment (double red lines on Bay Trail map) along Embarcadero (in between Jack London Square and the Jack London Aquatic Center) that I missed, having taken the waterfront/boardwalk route previously. The two bits of trail run in parallel here from Jack London Square toward Aquatic Park. (The path along the water is shown as a solid red line on the map.)

I'm glad I did, as I walked by the train station, and discovered Miette Bakery's Oakland location, where I was able to gaze at glass jars of macarons and a wonderful selection of chocolates.

Also, I had another opportunity to pass the historic buildings commemorating American writer, Jack London, and his life and times in Oakland, Alaska and elsewhere. There was also a metal statue of a wolf/dog, like those in many of London's stories, such as "Call of the Wild." This wolf statue happened to be gazing down at a few (live) pigeons; although there was not much he could do to them being in frozen form.

Wildlife Sightings:
2 crows; 2 sea gulls; 3 pigeons

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