Friday, August 2, 2013

Corte Madera, Coffee and Ducks - Jan. 9, '13

Walking Distance: 1.8 mi. (estimate)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 15 min. (1:05 - 2:20 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Shopping Center parking lot, near Macy's, Corte Madera, CA

January is the time to see birds on the bay, particularly ducks, that have migrated from other areas. Today there were more ducks than I could identify, paddling around in large, rain-soaked inlets, marshes and the bay.

A large shopping center (where we parked and had coffee and chocolate first) was nearby, providing easy access to the Bay Trail (shown as green line on the new 2012-2013 Bay Trail map set). Thank you Toni for the company today.

We also managed to walk along the marsh (Corte Madera Marsh Ecological Reserve), on a narrow, packed dirt path to the water's edge for the closest view yet of San Quentin Prison. And we caught glimpses of the Larkspur ferry (boat) to the north making its way into port.

It was an overcast day, with rain on the way. We managed to stay dry early on, but it started sprinkling later, forcing us to cut our walk short.

Regarding winter weather, I'm happy to walk with an umbrella
(on the rare occasion when I've needed one), but I occasionally worry about getting my camera wet. Again, January offers great weather for ducks and other waterfowl, so I recommend walking the bay in winter.

Wildlife Sightings: 
66 ducks (14 Canvasbacks, 13 Northern Shovelers, 22 Mallards, 10 small UFOs later identified as teals, 7 UFO ducks); 11 American avocets; 5 black-necked stilts; 9 turkey vultures; 16 sea gulls; 1 snowy egret, 2 great egrets; 6 little brown jobs (LBJs); 1 greater yellowlegs; 1 unidentified brownish shorebird (UBB) 

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