Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lunch in Crockett - Feb. 23, '11

Walking Distance: N/A
Walking Time: N/A (stopped for approximately 55 minutes)
Start and Stop Point: Street parking, off 2nd Ave., Crockett/Valona, CA

After visiting the Crockett Historical Museum, I ate lunch at the Valona Cafe Market Delicatessen on Pomona Street a few blocks away.

Valona is adjacent to Crockett -- both are incorporated areas in Contra Costa County along the Carquinez Strait. Together these areas had the feel of a historic river town. The C and H Sugar plant continues to be the most prominent business in the area, and I couldn't help but notice that most of the bottled sodas and beverages in the drink case contained pure cane sugar.

Food after walking always tastes good. I enjoyed a homemade chicken salad plate and a piece of chocolate decadence cake. The Valona Cafe Market Delicatessen also serves wine and beer and features live jazz on certain days of the week.