Saturday, February 5, 2011

Carquinez Scenic Dr. - Feb. 5, 2011

Walking Distance: 2.0 mi. (estimate)
Walking Time: 49 min. (3:58 - 4:47 p.m.)
Start and End Point: unpaved shoulder, Carquinez Scenic Dr., Port Costa, CA

I've managed to break up Carquinez Scenic Drive (double yellow lines on map) into several smaller segments. Today was another one of those segments.

Today I walked a triangular shaped wedge -- starting with walking West on Carquinez Scenic Drive to Canyon Lake Drive. I took a Right turn onto Canyon Lake, North into Port Costa; then took a Right turn onto Reservoir St. (not shown on this small section of map), and took this winding, two-lane, tree-shaded road back up to Carquinez Scenic Drive.

I did indeed pass a reservoir, and could look down into it from the road. Ducks and a cormorant could be seen in the reservoir. However, signs posted indicated that all others should keep out. No diving, no jumping. And if you failed to get this message and are anywhere near the water, in capital letters at the bottom: LEAVE. (This means you.)

Reservoir St. turned into McEwen Road (double yellow lines on map) when it crossed Carquinez Scenic Drive. I continued on McEwen for about 1/4 mile before turning back and walking back to my car.

McEwen Road is a narrow, winding road with no setback areas for pedestrians in the top/Northern-most few miles -- and with blind curves to boot. I recommend wearing bright clothing, and walking this road during clear, daylight hours only.

While on McEwen Road, wearing my bright orange, nerd walker vest, I looked up to see some birds of prey circling. Not today I told them. I was teetering on the edge of the road to make sure I would not be in the way of any cars, trucks or motorcycles that passed by. I heard some rustling in the bushes down an embankment (near a small stream at the bottom of a ravine). It was a group of wild turkeys. I took a few pictures looking down, through tree branches; and what you see here is the result. A very bigfoot-like, blurry shot.

Wildlife Sightings:
Wildlife: 2 little brown jobs (LBJs); 6 ducks; 1 cormorant; 2 hawks; 1 turkey vulture; 2 hawks?; 3 wild turkeys; 5 moths.

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