Monday, February 14, 2011

Alfred Zampa Carquinez Bridge - Feb. 12, 2011

Walking Distance: 2.97 miles
Walking Time: 1 hr., 12 min. (6:20 - 7:32 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Merchant Ave., up the street from (full) parking lot for The Dead Fish Restaurant, San Pablo Ave., Crockett, CA

Some walks become much more difficult to do at night. Others, in urban areas, are lit up and offer great possibilities.

This (Saturday) evening we ate dinner at The Dead Fish Restaurant in Crockett, a place with great views, located on the Bay Trail. There was an hour and a half wait for a table. So, we took this time to walk across the Alfred Zampa Memorial (aka Carquinez Strait) bridge.
This would be a great walk to do at sunset, looking West into San Francisco Bay. However, we got there a bit too late. It was dark, and my photos here are grainy. (Photo tip: bring a tripod if you're shooting from a vibrating bridge.) It was still a very nice walk. The evening was almost windless, and fairly warm.

Near the foot the north (Vallejo) side of the bridge is docked a ship named the Golden Bear -- a maritime academy that is part of the California state college system. (This ship is bathed in white lights in the very top photo shown here at right.)

By the time we hiked over to Vallejo and back, our table out of the patio at The Dead Fish was ready. And we were all set to enjoy our garlic and sage french fries, apple salad, salmon (and basa) with grilled rosemary, olives, tomatoes, and more.

Wildlife Sightings:
None, too dark.

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