Saturday, February 26, 2011

Crockett Historical Museum - February 23, 2011

Walking Distance: N/A - less than 1/4 mile
Walking Time: N/A (estimate this was a 55-minute stop)
Start and End Point: Public parking lot near Crockett Library and Historic Homestead, Crockett, CA

While I may not have covered much ground while inside the Crockett Historical Museum, I certainly did enjoy myself. Located in the shadow of the C and H Sugar plant, on the Bay Trail, this small, eclectic collection of items and memorabilia defies description, but it is packed with interesting objects, often accompanied by hand-written signs.

One of the world's largest wasp nests, an educational set of illustrations about the Carquin people -- the original inhabitants of the Carquinez Strait; trophies; old posters; news clippings about local celebrities -- all this and much more.

A label with an old, metal diving helmet read: "This diving was used by Bill (last name unreadable) at C and H; in the 1920's to inspect the wharf pilings for Tor(p)edo damage." A sign next to an old adding machine indicates it was used at C and H ("who knows when"). And, a description for an old computer indicates that it was the first computer used at C and H, and it displaced 9 employees.

Open only on Wednesdays and Saturdays, this compact treasure is worth visiting.