Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Warm Springs Trail - Aug. 4, '11

Walking Distance: 2 mi. (estim.)
Walking Time: 52 min. (6:12 - 7:04 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Street parking on Northport Loop W., near intersection with Cushing Parkway, Fremont, CA

This evening I got a late start after work, and thought I wouldn't be able to finish this trail -- the six segments of double yellow lines at right angles to one another on Bay Trail map shown at right. This Warm Springs trail was an undeveloped, unpaved trail, with no lighting, and it looked like it would be about 4 miles, round-trip.

However, there was a closed/locked gate about mid-way through (end of third segment of) this section of trail, so I was able to stop and take some pictures at the trail's end, and take a leisurely walk back to the car, without being stuck stumbling back in the dark.

And, best of all, four gray foxes were crossing the trail ahead of me on the way back. It's rare to see these, and all the sightings I've had so far on my walk around the Bay have been in this area the past few weeks -- seven total counting these four; although I might have seen some of these same foxes more than once. This group may have been made of up a mother and three older kits. It was hard to tell, but one looked a bit larger and more vigilant and protective than the other three.

Wildlife Sightings:
5 mockingbirds; 1 ground squirrel; 3 little brown jobs (LBJs); 2 ravens + 5 crows; 1 hawk/kestrel; 4 swallows; 1 hare (running away); 1 small skunk waddling along in the dry grass; 1 bumblebee; 1 yellow jacket; 4 gray foxes; 2 cows (part of same herd I saw before off Cushing Pkwy)

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