Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spur Trail - July 30, '11

Walking Distance: 1.65 mi. (estimate)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 38 min. (4:30 - 6:08 p.m.)
(This includes 30 min. stop at Visitor Center)
Start and End Point: Public parking lot (lower lot) near Visitor Center, Don Edwards SF Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Newark, CA

Today I was walked three short segments in the Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge area (south of Highway 84 - east end of Dumbarton Bridge). I also had the chance to stop by the Visitor Center at Don Edwards San Francisco Bay National Wildlife Refuge, (DESFBNWR - is sure a long acronym).

Normally, I walk whenever I have time, and this means I often arrive after visitor hours.

So, it was doubly nice to run into Paul Mueller who was manning the Refuge Visitor Center right before closing time.

I had spoken to Paul (pictured at right) at the very beginning of my walk, when I was trying to figure out if certain Don Edwards SF Bay Refuge lands were open to hikers or not near Highway 84/Dumbarton Bridge, way back in 2009.

In this Visitor Center, in addition to maps and information, there were many interesting items to view -- including preserved likenesses of the illusive salt marsh harvest mouse, clapper rail (bird).

Sadly, I have not seen either one of these two endangered species during my two year walk around San Francisco Bay.

After continuing the walk (out to Thornton Avenue and back), I also walked the Harriett Spur and La Riviere Marsh trail -- even though the latter was not included on the Bay Trail map.

Wildlife Sightings:
3 snowy egrets, 1 great egret; 1 cormorant flying overhead; 3 sea gulls; 1 dragonfly; 1 little brown job (LBJ); 10 swallows; 1 hawk/kestrel; 1 ground squirrel

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