Sunday, March 13, 2011

Trail Search, 3rd try, Rodeo - Mar. 9, '11

Walking Distance: .6 mi.
Walking Time: 38 min. (11:51 a.m. - 12:28 p.m.) (estimate)
Start and End Point: unpaved shoulder, San Pablo Ave., Rodeo, CA

Persistence, or stubbornness, brought me back to Rodeo today, to search for the trail along the Bay, South of Lone Tree Point (shown as a solid red line on map).  Trains (and therefore train tracks) run along the shore in this area. Previously, I had investigated the possibility of a trail running along the land/hill side of railroad tracks, without success.

Unfortunately, I was unsuccessful -- again. But I offer my theories below as to where this trail might be. I figure that if there is a trail along the Bay side of the railroad tracks (running from SW of Lone Tree Point to Hercules), access to this trail might be gained from Lone Tree Point (Park) in one or three ways:

Negotiating slippery rocks at low tide, and walking South-ish around Lone Tree Point toward Hercules.

  1. Scampering down a fairly steep embankment (sign said cliff) to the rocky shore below
  2. Slipping through a cut in a wire fence, and sliding down a mud chute toward the railroad tracks
  3. Clambering down a steep slope (a small warning sign calls this a cliff) toward the tracks and rocks below
These photos are not terribly descriptive. Please write to me if you have the solution to this puzzle. I would love to stick around and figure this out, but I have about 400 more miles to walk this year. And, if I've misread the Bay Trail map, and I'm an idiot, be kind.

One up-side to this search: I enjoyed a short walk on a tiny beach, at Lone Tree Point, that was strewn with different types of shells, a few pieces of beach glass, and assorted other items.

Warning: Read no further if you are squeamish, or find dead bird feet disgusting...OK, those of you who are still with me...I found one unfortunate, recently deceased bird (I believe it was a coot) on the beach. Coots have very strange, greenish, prehistoric-looking feet. So I couldn't resist taking a picture of said feet.

Wildlife Sightings:
1 Western grebe; 2 sea gulls; 2 crows; 1 domestic cat (in yard on San Pablo Ave., across the street from where I parked)

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