Thursday, May 31, 2012

Canessa Gallery - April 6, 2012

Walking Distance: Not applicable
Walking Time: Not applicable
Start and End Point: Washington Street, San Francisco, CA

Today was walk-to-work day, and I was able to walk a short distance from the San Francisco Bay Trail to the Canessa Gallery in San Francisco, for the opening night of my "Walking the Bay" photo and art exhibit up during the month of April 2012. This show included water art from Linda Gass, aerial photographs of the Salt Works (ponds) from Bill Scull, and a great installation of the San Francisco Bay and Bay Trail in colored tape (thanks to San Francisco installation artist, Tim Armstrong).

Thank you to Zach Stewart at Canessa for his support of Bay Area trails, including the upcoming Water Trail. And warm thanks to Kika's Treats for making a special batch of sea salt caramels, with special salt made from the San Francisco Bay; and all the folks who helped build the Bay Trail who came into the City for this opening. Thank you for making this celebration and walk around the Bay possible after decades of work.

Of course the real star was the San Francisco Bay and Trail.