Monday, April 26, 2010

South Hamilton Park, Novato - April 25, 2010

Walking Distance: 2 miles
Walking Time: 56 min. (5:23 - 6:19 p.m.)
Start and End Point: South Hamilton Park, parking lot, end of Hangar Ave., Novato, CA

Yesterday I walked the northern end of this segment of Bay Trail (Vista Trail/Reservoir Hill, or the continuation of the red line shown on map to the right). Today I covered the southern portion of this red line (shown on map) near the Hamilton Wetlands (in an area that was, years ago, Hamilton Air Force Base). Old hangars that once contained aircraft have been transformed into office, fitness, library and other spaces.

You never know what strange concentrations of wildlife you'll see walking the bay. At the south end of this trail was an area of cracked and dry mud, that had become a graveyard for a large number of tennis, softball, hardball, whiffle, and other balls.

As I walked north,  shallow areas of water provided good feeding areas for ducks and avocets, bent low, sweeping their beaks back and forth. In one spot, I saw an avocet chasing away a few ducks. Competition for briny treats, or breeding anxiety, I can only guess.

The top of the wall that divided the trail from the Bay provided a great place for lizards to bask in the sun.

The barn swallows seemed quite active this week. I found myself hoping they would swoop around and hoover up all the mosquitos that are starting to appear in some areas.

Wildlife Sightings:
10 barn swallows; 20 balls; 16 American Avocets; 8 ducks; 1 blue jay; 3 lizards on top of wall; 3 crows; 3 little brown jobs (LBJs); 3 clouds of gnats

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