Sunday, March 21, 2010

San Rafael, Pt. San Pedro Rd. - March 19, 2010

Walking Distance: 4.2 mi. (2.1 miles x 2)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 42 min. (1:40 - 3:22 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Parked on Bay Way, San Rafael, CA

It was a beautiful early spring day, which helped inspire a long walk today. That and wanting to avoid a long drive for a return trip.

This entry was the first of five segments walked today. I walked northeast along Pt. San Pedro Road, past San Pedro Elementary School, and signs that advertised BBQ, and also the world's greatest bait shop; took a lovely detour on Beach Road; and I eventually reached a small strip of park area (with picnic table and grass) by the bay, across the street from Main Drive.

I then turned around and walked as far southwest as 221 Pt. San Pedro Rd., near the Marin Yacht Club. This was where I'd left off previously, in the dark. So it was nice to see the boats and the water today. There was one section along this road where it was tough to walk (due to overgrown bushes coming out over the curb where I was walking), but otherwise it was a nice walk along a main suburban artery.

Wildlife Sightings:
8 crows; 3 ladybugs; 1 lizard, who seemed to look back at me with both curiousity and indignance after I startled it from its sunning spot; 2 snowy egrets (off Beach Road); 10 ducks; 2 butterflies/moths (1 white, 1 orange and brown); 1 cormorant; 1 hubcap (Nissan); and 2 doves on a telephone(?) wire above the road.

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