Monday, March 8, 2010

San Rafael, Nature Center and Andersen Dr. #2 - Feb. 25, 2010

Walking Distance: 3 miles (estim.) (3 segments combined)
Walking Time(s): 1 hr., 23 min. (4:30 - 5:53 p.m. ) + 25 min. (estim.)
Start and End Point: 2 different street parking spaces, San Rafael, CA

The Terwilliger Nature Education Center offered a great opportunity to see birds up close, albeit in cages, or stuffed. Pictured here is the white pelican that was in residence. A few (wild) black crowned night herons appeared just before feeding time -- hoping for a free dinner.

In addition to visiting the Nature Education Center (near the Bay Trail, as shown on map), I also walked Andersen Drive, from Irwin to A St.  All these places are located in/near downtown San Rafael.

Wildlife Sightings:
1 white pelican, 1 turkey vulture, 2 woodpeckers, 2 black crowned night herons, 2 cormorants, 1 owl, 1 stuffed Western grebe, 2 crows; 1 peregrine falcon, 1 hawk; 2 ducks, 2 sea gulls; 2 little brown jobs (LBJs)

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