Tuesday, March 16, 2010

San Rafael - 3rd. St. to Pt. San Pedro Rd. - March 15, 2010

Walking Distance: 2.0 miles (2 segments combined)
Walking Time: 42 minutes (2 segments combined between 8:30 and 9:32 p.m.)
Start and End Points: Street parking, including spot near Marina Blvd. and Pt. San Pedro Road, San Rafael, CA

I was driving back from a wine country trip further north, and had spent the morning hiking through some old redwood trees. Very nice. I stopped by San Rafael on the way home, after dinner, to do some grocery shopping, and to try to walk at least a few steps further on the Bay Trail. I'm far enough North now that I've been spending about 4 hours driving each day I've set off walking. However, it is still worth it. Still seeing new things every time I walk the trail.

On this evening's walk, I passed a high school, and at least one yacht club; but it was too late in the evening to really see much of anything except for a sidewalk, a road lit by streetlights, tufts of brush, houses, and concrete forms/embankments. I look forward to walking the next part of this road (leading to China Camp) in daylight hours.

Wildlife Sightings:
None, as it was too dark. I thought I heard some frogs in the distance, but I didn't see any.

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