Tuesday, March 16, 2010

San Rafael - Beach Park, March 10, 2010

Walking Distance: 2.3 miles (2 segments combined)
Walking Time: 59 minutes (2 segments combined)
Start and End Point(s): Street Parking, and Shopping Center parking lot (combined with errand); San Rafael, CA

Most of this route was following city streets (shown as double yellow lines on the Bay Trail map). However, it was nice to visit a small park, among the restaurants and light industrial/commercial businesses in the area. And, in addition to some fun painted signs (see octopus, shown at right), crowded in a small spot by the bridge/overcrossing (Grand), there was what looked like a little sea scout outpost. No scouts to be seen though.

Wildlife Sightings:
13 pigeons; 3 crows; 1 rusty screw; 1 abandoned chair near water; 3 turkey vultures; 1 hubcap; 1 duck; 1 cormorant gobbling a fish; 2 little brown jobs (LBJs); and 17 sea gulls, including 3 sea gulls with impossibly bright white outlines against a very blue sky

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