Sunday, December 20, 2009

San Francisco - Pier 7 - Pier 39, Dec. 19, '09

Walking Distance: 1.67 miles
Walking Time: 2 hours (3:51 - 5:51 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Parking Lot, San Francisco, CA

Yes, another day of wonderful sights and tastes, and hardly any headway on the mileage/kilometer front. San Francisco, with its dramatic landscape, and so many points of interest, is an amazing place to walk and take pictures (and a great place to eat). Today's walk, north along The Embarcadero, straddled daytime and darkness (given that it's December). I passed restaurants, a local chocolatemaker, dinner theater/circus (Teatro Zinzanni), tour boats to Alcatraz, pedicabs, and glimpses of the Bay itself.

My turn-around point was Pier 39, a popular destination for visitors. On the walk back to the car, I stopped at chocolatemaker TCHO, on Pier 17. They had great hot chocolate; it was not too sweet. By the time I left TCHO it was dark, and I took pictures of tugboats, lighted skyscrapers, and antique rail cars and cable car buses zipping by. However, without a tripod, I ended up with a lot of blurry, artsy shots. (I no longer notice people's puzzled expressions while I take pictures of leaves on the sidewalk at night or teeter my little camera on top of a metal can.)

On a more serious note, I took some pictures this evening in honor of ex-colleague, and talented photographer, Neil Kelly, who died in a car accident on Highway 101 yesterday. Neil, you left us all too soon.

Wildlife Sightings:
12 sea gulls, 2 pigeons, and tourists/holiday revelers buzzing around Pier 39 area.

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  1. I admire the way you take a walk and describe the bay area for your followers and readers but it would be more good for us if you can add more pictures to the posts.