Thursday, December 24, 2009

Pier 39 to Fisherman's Wharf/Cannery, SF - Dec. 23, 2009

Walking Distance: 2.32 miles
Walking Time: 3 hrs., 10 min. (4:00 - 7:10 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Fisherman's Wharf Parking lot, San Francisco, CA

After walking east, out to the end of Pier 39 and back, I walked by a Wax Museum (with a replica of actress Elizabeth Taylor, dressed as Cleopatra I believe, out front); countless t-shirt and souvenir shops; cotton candy, hot dog, chocolate and candy sellers; camera/electronics stores; huge steaming pots of crabs; and fishing boats decorated with holiday lights and decorations. Lots going on, and lots to see. Because of my dawdling, to buy a new camera and take numerous pictures, this short jaunt turned into a three + hour walk. And the only reason why I hit the 2 mile mark, is because I followed all the piers and walkways as far out to the Bay as I could on the way back.

Despite all the attractions, and clear views of Alcatraz and night lights, the wildlife count was fairly low -- due mostly to the fall of darkness. There were no sea lions to be seen or heard. They usually congregate on docks just north of Pier 39.

Wildlife Sightings:
1 Western Grebe; 21 sea gulls; and no sea lions out this evening.


  1. Why didn't you have some more pictures. These are too small:(. It would be lovely if you could add bigger pictures so that viewers can feel or experience the place through pictures and decide ifthey should or should not visit it.

  2. what a beautiful place to spend an evening at. i am going to make sure i come visit as it seems like an absolute delight. keep gracing us with more interesting places i really look forward to your posts