Tuesday, December 1, 2009

India Basin "gap" - Nov. 30, 2009

Walking Distance:
Walking Time:
Start & End Point: India Basin Shoreline Park, parking lot (near playground), San Francisco, CA

Today was another day where I covered some old ground, and went back to finish up a segment not walked previously. This time I walked surface streets (Hunters Point => Evans Ave. => Jennings St.) to Heron's Head Park, and walked out to the Point, to get pictures of the sculptures of lizards, snakes and a turtle made from stones
(example shown below). Port activity can be seen to the North.

Then I walked the "gap" we had missed Nov. 26
(Innes Ave. =>Aurelius Walker, shown as an elbow-shaped double yellow line on Bay Trail map above). Aurelius Walker (Fitch St. on older maps) ends in a cul-de-sac, where parking is, I believe, possible/legal as well.

Wildlife Sightings:
4 willets; 2 crows; 16 sea gulls; 2 little brown jobs (LBJs); 6 unidentified brownish shorebirds; 1 coot; 1 unidentified grebe (rusty colored neck); 5 ducks; 7 cormorants; 1 snowy egret; 1 peregrine falcon-looking bird; and 1 rusty screw. (Walks through industrial areas almost always have at least one rusty screw laying around, and old tires are popular denizens too. But, I failed to start counting tires at the beginning of my walk earlier this year; so my urban wildlife metric is measured in rusty screws.)