Sunday, August 22, 2010

American Canyon Rd. West - Aug 18, 2010

Walking Distance: .7 mile (.3 mi. x 2 + .1 mi. - Chaucer Ln. pkg spot)
Walking Time: 12 min. (8:40 - 8:52 p.m.)

Before driving home this evening, I couldn't resist taking this very short stroll down American Canyon Road West, located in a suburban area. It was dark, but there were street lights; and I walked (on a sidewalk) West on American Canyon Rd. from Elliott Drive to Hummingbird Way. This Road leads out to Wetlands Edge, and a new segment of the Napa River and Bay Trail, that I plan to walk tomorrow.

Note: It was too dark for pictures.

Wildlife Sightings:
1 (domestic) cat running into some bushes; and a dog out for a walk with its owners. It was too dark to see anything else.

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