Friday, March 2, 2012

Burlingame - Feb. 26, '12

Walking Distance: 2.6 miles (estimate)
Walking Time: 1 hr., 5 min. (3:35 - 4:40 p.m.)
Start and End Point: near Kincaid's restaurant parking lot, Burlingame, CA

In this second walk of the day. I covered the two circular trails (shown as red lines on Bay Trail map) around Burlingame. The smaller of these two is a rough loop shape around Anza Lagoon, with Kincaid's restaurant at the southeast end, and the Embassy Suites at the northwest end. The larger loop encompasses sidewalks (or bike path) along Airport Boulevard. Note: You may be walking in the bike path alongside cars if you're a pedestrian in one very short stretch with a lawn.

I walked north along the bay along the larger loop first, passing a film crew along the way. They let me  gingerly step in between lights and cords to continue along the trail. The Bay Trail is full of surprises. I continued northwest to the City of Burlingame Wastewater Treatment plant, before turning around and heading back toward Anza Blvd. and a short stretch of Airport Blvd., then finishing the Lagoon loop and walking southeast along the rest of Airport Blvd. to Bay View Place and back to Kincaid's.

Normally, I would have stopped at the Kincaid's or Embassy Suites, for something to eat or drink. But I had to rush home. Both places offer some seating/dining areas with views of the Bay.

Wildlife Sightings:
51 ducks; 2 cormorants; 19 sea gulls; 2 unidentified brownish shorebirds (UBBs); 8 crows; 5 coots; 8 starlings; 1 little brown job (LBJ)