Thursday, January 6, 2011

Downtown Martinez - Jan. 5, '11

Walking Distance:  .85 miles
Walking Time:  38 min. (5:12 - 5:50 p.m.)
Start and End Point:  City parking lot, off Ferry Street, near train tracks; Martinez, CA

Before walking, I stopped at the Hot Dog Depot on Ferry Street in Martinez, where I bought some water, a cup of Butter Pecan ice cream. I also bought a bag of acorn flour (handmade by the woman at Hot Dog Depot), a rare find, and not something I would ever find at a hot dog place.

I walked West on Marina Vista hoping to find the continuation of the Bay Trail. followed Buckley St., but failed to find Carquinez Scenic Drive, in part due to darkness. I ended up walking South on Berrellesa St. as far as Masonic, back up on Alhambra Ave., and through Main Street, in downtown Martinez. Most of the shops were closed, but it was still fun to see this fairly quiet, historic town.

Wildlife Sightings:
None. It was dark, and an urban setting.

Note: The map image above right was taken from Google Maps.


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