Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Fremont Dr., 8th St. E. to Ramal Rd. - July 11, 2010

Walking Distance: 4.26 miles (2 segments combined)
Walking Time(s):
1.) 49 min. (7:01 - 7:50 p.m.)
2.) 38 min. (7:57 - 8:35 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Parking near The Fremont Diner, 2698 Fremont Drive, Sonoma, CA

From The Fremont Diner, I walked west on Fremont Drive, to 8th Street East, passing a dairy along the way (see image of one of the two cow figures that were stationed at the dairy entrance). Then I walked back (east) to South Central Ave.

I'd planned to eat at The Fremont Diner (with the old truck parked in front, at the intersection of Fremont and South Central Ave.), but diner hours were 7 a.m. (breakfast) to 3 p.m.; so I'll have to plan a return visit, earlier in the day next time. 

So, I decided to do a second walk, by continuing down South Central Ave. I took a left turn on Dale Ave., then a right on Ramal Rd., before returning back to the car. While Fremont Dr. was quite scenic, it also had quite a bit of car traffic. It was nice to wander down quieter roads.

One of the first interesting things I saw when I turned down S. Central Ave. was a large, golden-colored alligator lizard stretched across the road. (See image at right.) There were also the sounds of crickets and birds than I haven't heard much on the highways where I've been walking lately in Sonoma. Those sounds in the grass were nice.

Wildlife Sightings:
5 blackbirds; 37 little brown jobs (LBJs)/songbirds; 10 little black and white cows; 3 swallows; 1 mockingbird; 3 doves; 1 golden-colored California alligator lizard; 12 sheep in distant pasture; 1 domestic cat; 1 crow; and 1 rusty screw.

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