Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Foster City Blvd - Seal Pt. Park, San Mateo - Oct. 26, 2009

Walking Distance: 3.61 miles
Walking Time: 2 hrs., 26 min. (11:22 a.m.- 1:48 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Parking near golf course, in (near Mariners Blvd & 3rd Ave.), Foster City, CA

This past week, I took a few days off (to walk other areas in the Bay Area); but today I'm back to walking the Bay. Thank you to Marlene, who joined me on my walk today. We first walked south/east (to point where I left off last week), and then north/west, as far as Seal Point Park. The weather was nice, although the breeze was starting to pick up a bit. We saw quite a few feral cats (6). A man appeared to be feeding them, which is probably why they'd come out into the open.

(Note: I thought I left my camera at home, but I found it later, and took these snaps of 1.) the sculptures in Seal Point Park near my car, in the parking area at the top of the hill, and also 2.) the San Mateo Bridge between and behind another sculpture that looks like a pair of cymbals.)

Wildlife Sightings:
65 sea gulls; 6 feral cats; 49 little brown jobs (LBJs); 1 white-tailed kite; 2 crows; 1 hawk; 7 unidentified brownish shorebirds; 3 killdeer; 1 great egret; 1 turkey vulture; 3 snowy egrets; 12 black-necked stilts; 25 cormorants; 2 butterflies; 1 Western grebe in water; 6 pigeons

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