Thursday, October 15, 2009

Belmont Slough/Foster City - to green bench - Oct. 15, 2009

Walking Distance: 3.61 miles
Walking Time: 1 hr, 30 minutes (5:35 - 7:05 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Island Park parking lot, across street from Oracle, near Highway 101

This evening I was able to hike a few miles before it got dark. That last, golden hour of light before sunset made for nice colors and pictures. Although it also made it a bit harder to pick up those always challenging-to-identify brownish shorebirds. (Are those godwits? yellowlegs? sandpipers? willets or whippets? Oh wait a minute, those are dogs. I did see several dogs strolling with their owners this evening.) I have a lot to learn. I really need to buy a birdbook and a pair of field glasses/binoculars. I walked past Sea Cloud Park, and turned around at a green bench with a dedication plaque to Mike McGuire, a city employee.

Wildlife Sightings:
3 sea gulls; 31 unidentified brownish shorebirds; 14 little brown jobs (LBJs); 5 snowy egrets; 7 crows; 30 American Avocets; 27 ducks; 3 Canada geese; 2 black-necked stilts; 1 rabbit; 1 brown pelican flying overhead; and 1 great blue heron flying overhead.

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