Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Seaport #3, Redwood City - Sept. 22, 2009

Walking distance: ~ 2.5 miles
Walking time: 1 hour (4:55 - 6:00 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Parking Lot, Pacific Shores Center office complex, Redwood City, CA

Today I walked with a friend, Elise, down the remaining stretch of Seaport Boulevard, past salt flats and old rusted rail cars on the right, and a salvage yard on the right -- inhabited by huge machines (with "claws") chewing up and throwing around pieces of old cars (which we enjoyed watching from across the street). At the end of Seaport Boulevard, there is a large office park, Pacific Shores Center. Happily, there are designated public parking areas, a park, and public access to the Bay. We tried to walk to the very end of this peninsula (see red line above that seems to curve to the right). We went down a road to Westpoint Harbor, a new private marina (still under construction) off to the right (not shown on this map) -- which I would not recommend, as this is a no trespassing area. We were told (very politely) that we should leave.

Wildlife Sightings: 9 geese, 4 egrets, 3 dragonflies, 1 little brown job (bird - aka LBJs) 150 killdeer; and 3 mechanical "claws" (think a giant version of an arcade game where you manipulate a claw-like device to try to pick up a small stuffed animal, toy or other prize object).

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