Friday, September 25, 2009

Marine Science Institute - Sept. 24, 2009

Walking distance: .24 mile
Walking time: ~20 minutes (2:00 - 2:20 p.m.)
Start & End Point: Parking Lot, Marine Science Institute, Redwood City, CA

You get to go out on the bay in a big boat. How great is that. I imagined some parents saying this to their kids as they were dropping them off for summer camp sessions at the Marine Science Institute (MSI - a non-profit organization founded in 1970). And, if I thought I could get away it, I would probably sign myself up for this camp. MSI had a small aquarium, a fairly large research vessel, and several small outdoor areas set-up for instruction, puppet shows, and other activities. There was even a small strip of beach, with a view of the Port of Redwood City (one of four deep water ports in the San Francisco Bay).

Wildlife Sightings: 1 godwit; 4 LBJs (little brown jobs)