Monday, September 5, 2011

Alameda Creek NE - Sept. 5, '11

Walking Distance: 1.7 mi.
Walking Time: 1 hr., 10 min. (4:38 - 5:48 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Public Parking lot, Alameda Creek Regional Trail, off Union City Blvd./Lowry Rd., Union City, CA

The bulk of my round-the-bay-revolution is drawing to a close this month (Sept. '11); however, today I revisited Alameda Creek Regional Trail to see if the piece on the south side of the Alameda Flood Control Channel near/in Coyote Hills Regional Park (solid red line on map) was open. It was still closed due to some construction, so a friend and I walked an alternate segment -- on the North side of this trail (shown as a solid purple line on the Bay Trail map).

We started and ended our walk, on this fine Labor Day holiday Monday afternoon, from a public parking lot (located off Union City Blvd. and Lowry Rd.). We climbed up a small embankment up to the trail, and walked northeast toward the trail's end in Niles. We stopped to view some white pelicans, ducks, egrets and other birds in the wide channel bordered by marsh grasses; and we later paused again to gaze upon some mini "rapids" in another section. A snowy egret and a cormorant hovered around the shoals in search of dinner. There is something very relaxing about the sounds of flowing water over rocks.

I plan to return, to finish this purple (connecting) trail -- following the channel, past quarry lakes, up to the base of the hills in the east and the Old (Niles) Canyon Bridge and back.

Wildlife Sightings:
1 lizard; 3 cormorants; 11 ducks; 5 white pelicans; 1 great blue heron; 24 unidentified brownish shorebirds (UBBs); 1 great egret and 4 snowy egrets; 7 pigeons; 2 doves; 1 blue jay; 4 crows, 2 swallows

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