Friday, June 4, 2010

Lakeville Highway, Petaluma, CA - June 1, 2010

Walking Distance: 1.9 miles
Walking Time: 42 min. (8:26 - 9:08 p.m.)
Start and End Point: parking spot, close to Adobe Creek Center, 3120 Lakeville Highway, Petaluma, CA

This evening I continued to walk a stretch of Lakeville Highway (1320 - 3900) that I started last month, an area where businesses start to thin out a bit, and traffic starts to speed up. There was a small stretch where there was a sidewalk, but after that, if you're a pedestrian, you're on your own to keep to the far edge of the road/beginning of the weeds, as much as possible, as traffic rockets past you.

That said, there were some nice, older type farm structures to look at. And, as it got darker, several flocks of Canada Geese flew over, all heading toward the Petaluma River. I was so intent on watching the geese each time they passed overhead, I forgot to try to take a picture of them. Oh well.

It was also fun to hear crickets and frogs (Adobe Creek area) -- both a sure sign of warmer weather.

Wildlife Sightings:
2 red-winged blackbirds; 52 Canada Geese; 1 crow; 2 little brown jobs (LBJs); 3 unidentified flying bugs; 3 barn swallows

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