Saturday, February 20, 2010

Larkspur, Ferry - Feb. 19, 2010

Walking Distance: 2.9 miles (estimate)
Walking Time: 2 hrs., 16 min. (3:05 - 5:21 p.m.)
Start and End Point: Parked on street (12-hr. spot) near 2140 Redwood Highway, Larkspur, CA

After walking over the freeway overpass, by some light industrial buildings and a kayak rental place, I entered the Larkspur Ferry parking and dock area. I enjoyed watching a large Ferry boat come in (presumably from San Francisco). I continued walking the trail (surrounded by bright green grass this month) along Sir Francis Drake Blvd., passing a tall, steel sculpture of Sir Francis Drake (by Dennis Potton, dated 1990).

I paused to watch some ducks paddling around and nibbling on some green stuff in an area that looked like a tule marsh. You could have drowned in all the bright green grass (which will go golden brown soon enough). I also enjoyed looking at all the acacia trees in full bloom with big clusters of yellow puffball blossoms. (See image of old smokestack peering out from some of them. I passed a small
park area, then walked up Sir Francis Drake Blvd. a short distance (just beyond where the red line ended) before turning around to head back.

On the way back, I went under the freeway and walked for awhile along the water (where Corte Madera Creek comes into the Bay), on a trail that is shown as a purple line on the map (see image above).

Wildlife Sightings:
20 little brown jobs (LBJs); 3 Canada geese; 2 crows; 14 ducks; 28 coots; 2 Western grebes; 4 sea gulls; 1 red-winged blackbird; 6 turkey vultures; 2 snowy egrets; 1 pigeon

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