Thursday, January 28, 2010

Greenwood Beach Rd. -> Tiburon - Jan. 28, 2010

Walking Distance: 2.5 miles
Walking Time: 1 hr., 28 min. (10:56 a.m. - 12:24 p.m.)
Start and End Point: street parking on Harbor Cove Way,
end of cul-de-sac, Strawberry, CA

After many rainy days, it was great to see the sun today. I took advantage of the good weather and walked a few different segments. This is the first of three. Most of today's walking took place along city streets (shown as parallel yellow lines on map).

I walked by a marsh area and around a small cove (lots of birds), then southeast along Greenwood Beach Road.

I stopped at the Richardson Bay Audobon Center and Sanctuary.
From the brick patio of the historic Lyford house, there was a great view
of Angel Island and the San Francisco skyline. Also, there was a scenic
little trail going through the woods (old orchard and some redwood trees),
and a small beach I walked down some stairs to reach.

I returned to find some droppings on my car. No surprise, given the large
number of birds in this area.

Wildlife Sightings:
28 ducks, 1 great egret, 5 coots, 2 American avocets, 3 black-necked stilts, 5 sea gulls, 7 crows, 1 turkey vulture, 1 snowy egret, 2 balls (1 basketball, 1 tennis ball), 10 Canada geese, 3 Western grebes, 1 brown pelican, 15 pigeons, and 5 little brown jobs (LBJs)

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