Sunday, August 30, 2009

Shoreline Park to Crittenden, Mountain View, CA - Aug. 20, 09

Aug. 20, 2009
Walked with Toni from The Lakeside Cafe/Boat house at Shoreline Park to the Google Crittenden back parking lot.

We didn't exactly follow the red line or trail pictured. Along the way, we climbed up a dirk peak, and experienced a very nice view of Moffett Field and the big white blimp (that takes people on an aerial tour of the bay for about $500); Shoreline Amphitheater and golf course; and other sites. We also discovered that without a detailed map, it is easy to get off on dead-end trails, or smaller trails that may not be marked.

Thanks to Toni who suggested walking along the Steven's Creek Trail -- that starts in Mountain View, CA, and ends near Cupertino, CA. This walk launched the idea of hiking this trail (in segments), and, at the same time, got me started on walking around the Bay (following the contours of the water as closely as possible).

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